Watch Mayweather vs McGregor Live Online Free

As it massively spread on the real and net world, the greatest boxing fight ever Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs MCGregor will take place on T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas this August 26th . As UFC champion, McGregor won’t be allowed to use his kick to take the unbeaten WBC Mayweather on this ring. There are only hundreds of tickets at these two weeks countdown, even though the price is remarkable, ranging from US$ 3500 to US$15000. Showtime has the rights to broadcast this mega-event through Pay-Per-View (PPV) services. This is going to break all the home box office’s records.

Watch Mayweather vs McGregor Live

Watch Mayweather vs McGregor Live

As it’s the greatest world’s boxing fight ever, tons of people are excitedly going to watch it. Streaming this match online through Showtime PPV will cost you about US$89 or US$99. The international channels’ PPV may cost vary, as the UK’s Sky Ports who also won the rights set price at £19.95 / €24.95 or little above US$26. However, there are ways to watch this fight freely. You should prepare two big steps and do it at your own risk, as no one won’t responsible for any lawsuits upon you.

The first is to watch Mayweather vs McGregor using VPN, this is very important for reasons. With VPN, you can unblock geo-restricted Kodi add-ons, use VPN to stream whichever add on. Secondly, you can bypass ISP throttling as you can avoid your internet speed obstacles as you need best graphic for watching this fight. Third , you’ll have privacy as nobody cannot see you watching the fight online through unspecified region. Most if existed VPN apps are user friendly, it only takes seconds to be installed.

The second step is to watch the fight freely. The first step you should launch the Kodi Krypton and do settings on add-ons.” Unknown sources” should be turned on then extract Installer Package then install it. Once its repository is installed you should install specific video add-ons called SportsDevil. As you enter this add-ons, you’ll see option “live sports” and choose Boxing. Finally, if the processes are completed and if you’re lucky enough, you can watch Mayweather vs McGregor live for free.

Trying to watch the fight freely is risky and somehow require some technical steps that some problem and obstacles can occur. If you don’t want to bother yourself with some complexities and risks, you can simply using the first step (VPN) in order to choose international channels or providers which set the lower price for the show, as mentioned above.

Mayweather vs McGregor Live Streaming Free Online

As the most of fans of WBC and UFC around the world, you must be counting down the spectacular fight of the unbeaten WBC Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs UFC’s Champion Conor McGregor. This mega-event will be held in T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas August 26th 2017. It’s said that this fight will be the first billion dollar boxing fight as many said it’s a “money fight”. It’s not surprising as the ticket rate ranging from US$3,500 to US$15,000. Showtime won the exclusive rights to broadcast the channel.

So far, Showtime has produced 2 episodes of All Access, broadcasting both fighters’ official footages. The latest one showed that Mayweather boated up his money as he preparing the mega fight in Las Vegas. Meanwhile Mcgregor were setting up his body and mind through intensive training, as it’s showed that he walked into the boxing Gym in Crumlin, Ireland. These two episodes become teasers for those who anticipate to watch it live through Showtime this 26th and even for those who don’t. Those footages extensively boost the promotion of Showtime PPV for this remarkable fight, which are set at US$ 89.95 for standard graphic(SD) and US$ 99.95 for High Definition(HD).

The main idea to watch the fight online is by using the VPN like you’re streaming it from the outside US. It’s suggested to use VPN providers with servers located to region of those International channels. In case you don’t have any idea about them, these top five VPN will bring you to the Mayweather vs McGregor glorious match: Bullet VPN, Nord VPN, IP Vanish VPN, and vyprVPN. Choose one, install it to your pc and basically you’re already an outsider who can watch the fight anonymously, but not free yet. In this stage you’ll have speed and privacy but you still need to subscribe and make a purchase.

Mayweather vs McGregor Free

The question is, how do you make it free? The only possible way is watching this fight through Kodi add-ons. Kodi Crypton add-on should be launched and set. You should turn on the “unknown sources”, then install the extracted installer Package. After completing installation, SportsDevil video add-on should be installed. As the SportsDevil’s ready, choose Live Sports then specify it to Boxing. If those steps are smoothly passed, you’ll have a chance to watch Mayweather vs McGregor live freely. This step won’t work without the first step.

However, keep this in your mind, installing any software to access some premium services can be included as violation. When you try to access this show freely, you do it at your own risk. It’s better for you to do first step and use international channel, you can find some provider that set a lower price. Mayweather vs McGregor Free